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Setting the Record Straight on the Real Estate Market

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Myth: Home prices are about to plummet

Reality: Normalcy is returning


Myth: Buyers will still line up for overpriced homes

Reality: Homes should be priced at market value to sell

All summer, asking prices” have been 10-15% too high, which has resulted in a slew of price reductions which you’ve probably heard about in the media. This doesn’t mean that actual “real” values are dropping, it just means that sellers got too greedy with their asks and had to return to market value.


Myth: Homes can be listed and sold without much prep work

Reality: Owners need to stage homes to sell

Gone are the days of listing homes in as-is condition, with no real staging or preparation. In today’s market, not only do homes need to be priced appropriately to sell, but owners also need to put in the time and effort to create a great first impression with curb appeal, staging, paint, and more. Moving forward, we believe the market will reward turn-key homes – particularly those in premium locations.

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